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Meet the team that turn simple trips into extraordinary experiences. 


Travel Experience Curator, co-owner

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Travel Memory: I have so many so this is a hard question! Since I can be an adventurous traveler most times, my favorite travel memory is chasing a cheetah at night on a safari ride in South Africa.

Favorite Place Traveled: Paris. It was my first solo trip and I had so much fun traveling alone in the city of love. Traveling solo allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, interact more with strangers and be selfish about my itinerary. I got to stay in the Louvre for hours!

Why are you a Travel Curator: I love to travel because it allows me to breathe deeper and laugh from the middle of my soul. It is my passion to plan trips for others and watch them experience the same feeling. You may be thinking…"Laugh from the middle of my soul?" Is traveling that serious?? Yes! Let us plan a trip for you and you will see…Issa Experience!


Senior Editor

Hometown: long island, NY

Favorite Travel Memory: My favorite travel experience was actually curated by IssaExperience.  I was always so annoyed with planning my own vacations and feeling the pressure when something didn’t go my way or had to change.  With IssaExperience, my vacation to Martinique went as smoothly as can be.  It was a great balance between adventure, relaxation and just an amazing time.

Favorite Place Traveled: Jamaica. Experiencing live reggae music and street dancing. Jamaica has such a colorful culture. 

Why I became part of the Issa Experience Team: Throughout all my years of travel, I felt the pressures of making my dream vacation perfect.  I was never able to find the perfect agent to give me everything I wanted in a curated experience.  When I came across Issa, I knew that they were able to make that vision happen, and I wanted to be apart of it.


Travel Experience Curator, co-owner

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Travel Memory: Swimming with turtles in Curacao. The water was so clear and sand so white. It was such a beautiful experience.

Favorite Place Traveled: Cuba. It was truly like stepping back in time. Cuba is filled with so much culture, I just enjoyed immersing myself in it.

Why are you a Travel Curator: I feel twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. I’m here to prevent that. I have been planning trips for groups of friends for years. I love to see the joy on people's faces when they experience the activities I have planned for them……. Issa Experience


Engagement Coordinator 

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Travel Memory: Riding a camel (named Hemi) through the Sahara Desert. It was a once in lifetime experience being able to collect sand from the largest desert in the world and take it home with me to cherish forever.

Favorite Place Traveled: Curaçao, the island is so colorful and beautiful.

Why I became part of the Issa Experience Team: I knew that I’d be able to add that extra spark to a vision I already saw thriving. The vision behind Issa Experience is something I want to be a part of because I am able to not only gain more experience in this industry but introduce my visions on such an amazing platform.

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